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Trompie Farming operates eight farms in two provinces. The company network produces large quantities of grain annually. The Bonsmara stud operates in conjunction with a commercial herd, and produces weaners for the feedlot to provide superior quality beef to the consumer.

Agriculture is an important industry in South Africa and we have expanded our operations in 2017 to include a feedlot as well as game farming.


Trompie Farming is committed to enhancing agricultural growth in South Africa. The Company continues to attract and retain outstanding employees whilst providing exceptional service to our valued customers.


Crop Production

Summer and winter crops are produced, on a rotational basis, under irrigation.

Bonsmara Stud

The Bonsmara is the culmination of research conducted at Mara and Messina Research Stations in the Limpopo Province to produce an adapted beef breed for the subtropical Savannah regions of South Africa. The progeny of crosses with Afrikaner cows and British beef bulls were recorded and evaluated for regular calving, high weaning weights ,smooth coats, low mortality, an even temperament and functional efficiency.


Trompie's extensive crop production has made it possible and economically viable to establish our own feedlot. We continuously monitor the animals and ensure their comfort, health and safety at al times.

Game Farming

Game breeding has become a highly specialised industry in South Africa that requires the same level of scientific management as livestock production to ensure long-term genetic gain and avoid inbreeding Many farmers, businessmen, investors and professional people moved in to the game industry because of financial reasons. The love for wildlife and the lifestyle associated with the industry has always been there, but when the monetary gains started proving itself to be substantial, more and more people realised that to invest in wildlife and game, is as a sound investment as most other investments opportunities available today.

Most game ranchers will testify to the fact that investing in wildlife is not nearly for the short term. Many thought it would be possible to increase their capital within a period of three years, and we have heard many success stories, but the truth of the matter is that most people who have made a success out of their game breeding enterprise, has done it over a period of more than a decade.

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