Step 1:

Remove Existing Grass

Step 2:

Spread And Level Out The Insitu Soil

Step 3:

Compact Insitu Soil

Step 4:

Add 2.5kg Coarse Salt For Weed Control Per Square

Step 5:

Add 50-100mm Of Crusher Sand

Step 6:

Use A Straight Edge To Level The Crusher Dust

Step 7:

Roll Out The Artificial Grass

Step 8:

Add Glue To Join Seams With Seaming Paper

Step 9:

Trim Outer Edge To Fit Perfectly

Step 10:

Fix Outer Edges With 6" Nails

Step 11:

Add 5-10kg Of Suitable Sand Infill Per Square

Step 12:

Brush Artificial Grass To Spread The Infill Of Suitable Sand Evenly

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